Imbibe; sip; quaff; savour; consume. There are many ways to describe the act of drinking wine. But they should all mean only one thing: pure pleasure.  My approach to wine is exploring, experimenting and enjoying – from French classics to obscure Italian grapes to New World boutique wonders.

Penfolds wine dinner

Steak Me I’m Yours

"Steak and wine have shared a beautiful and long lasting relationship," said the invite to a Penfolds' dinner exploring this perfect coupling. Just don't mention the lack of Grange, OK?
Chablis door

Unlocking The Door To Chablis

It was this pretty door in Chablis or another vineyard pic. Anyway, you get the idea. I went, I tasted and I gained a newfound respect for a wine I once considered boring.
Glasses with Henschke Hill of Grace and Mount Edelstone 1994 in them

Once In A Lifetime Wine

And you might find yourself in front of a couple of glasses of 20-year-old iconic Henschke Shiraz. And you may ask yourself, will I ever get another chance to try Hill of Grace and Mount Edelstone?

How A Wine Rack Helped Restore My Writing Mojo

An open letter to Black Country Metalworks. Probably more than they bargained for when they had the bright idea to send me a wine rack to review.
Corks from bottles of Concha Y Toro's Don Melchor icon Cabernet

The Don of Chilean Cabernet

"Our wines are made in the vineyard" is a winemaker trope. But none of them have taken me into a ditch to prove their point. Until I met the team behind Chilean icon Don Melchor.
Be Fair George logo

Wine Duty: Enough Is Enough

If you love wine, like I do, and you live in the UK, you should be feeling p****d off. Duty on wine has risen by 50% since 2008. And it looks like it's about to increase yet again...
Me, dressed up, holding a BAFTA in a hallway outside the Style Suits at the Savoy Hotel

And The BAFTA Goes To…

OR All Dressed Up (And Nowhere To Go). Where I get all dolled up as if I were about to troop down the red carpet at the EE British Academy Film Awards. In these shoes? I don't think so.
Close up of Seresin Sun & Moon Pinot Noir label

What Wine, What Film 2014

Right then. It's awards season. All the films over the past year vying for gongs. So, what film would you watch drinking this Pinot Noir? The clue's in the name. And the taste will send you into orbit...
A bike in front of vines

The Bicycle Diary

On yer bike, they said. Go and look at geese and flowers. So I did, and got a better understanding of how Cono Sur's sustainable approach is more than a gesture. And it all begins in the vineyard...
Sign on Carmenere vineyard in Chile

Keep Carmenere And Carry On

If life gives you a grape you weren't expecting, make wine anyway! That's what the Chileans did with Carmenere. It's now their signature grape. But does it deserve this mantle?
Tokaji grapes

Sweet Dreams Are Made This

When you look at a bunch of shrivelled, mouldy grapes it's hard to believe they can turn into a wine as divine as Tokaji. I spend 24 hours at Disznókő getting under the skin of the amber nectar.
Board on Marsala barrel

Marsala Wine: Blame The Brits

In the 1770s, we took a Sicilian way of making wine and altered it to our needs. It became highly fashionable. And now it isn't. Is there a role for Marsala in today's world?

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  • I think Miroglio does a cab blend for them.This is Pinot Noir. (I had venison tortellini via Waitrose with it...),
  • Bulgarian. Never found a Burgundy this good in UK at the price (usually just under £11 for a bottle, less if you buy more),
  • Quite a few indies (like mine) have it - via Super value if you buy 6.,
  • In my glass tonight ,
  • A day selling wine then an evening running a private tasting party. Now to get ready for market tomorrow. I still don't miss corporate life.,
  • - has new line (would you like to try some Bullshit) after exhausting "have you ever tried Two Cocks?" (beer),
  • Love the foreward to Unofficial UKIP Cookbook. You can infer anything you like from this tweet. ,
  • Finishing up the last drops of Bullshit. A hit tonight ,
  • are you back from the Douro?,